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A career for both men and women!

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, truck driving is one of the fastest growing professions in the nation. It is expected that the demand will grow by 18% between now and 2010. That means 589,000 new jobs will be created, and the demand for trucking professionals is ever increasing.

As a truck driver, you can enjoy the good pay and benefits. Most companies offer benefits packages to include health benefits and paid vacations.

95% of the trucking professionals on the road today are men, but the number of women drivers is expected to increase. A career in truck driving provides good pay and the opportunity to travel and work with their spouses. More and more women are reaping the benefits of a career in truck driving.

That’s a big benefit of beginning a trucking career through Skyway Trucking School. We have established partnerships with the carriers that provide the best career opportunities for new drivers.

Each of these companies are well-known, well-respected in the industry and count on Skyway Trucking School to train new quality drivers for them. Whether you're interested in Short-Haul (local Job) Regional, Long-Haul (OTR) Flat-Bed, Refer, Solo or Team, some of the Nation's most responsible carriers recruit Skyway Trucking School graduates.

These carriers realize the strength and commitment of the Skyway Trucking School program.  Below are just a few of the many outstanding carriers that actively recruit Skyway Trucking School graduates!  The choice is yours!